Disaster Relief for Biggest Storm in the Century, Wallalong, NSW

The biggest storm to hit Sydney and the Hunter region swept along the coast on April 26, 2015. The super storm brought record rainfall that some parts of the Hunter had not seen in more than a century. Dozens of people were left needing rescue, entire homes were washed away by flood waters, and many houses left without power and water.

Wallalong in Hunter region was severely affected by the storms leaving many roads like rivers and houses damaged by trees from the strong gusts of wind.

The 60 Volunteers Cleared up the Affected Area to Help the Community

Around 60 members of World Mission Society Church of God in Sydney and Newcastle rolled up their sleeves to work through the damage of the affected area, and to help the community.

The volunteers cleared up the debris that was left on the roads. They cut and removed trees from around the area making it safe for the community. Many residents were stranded in their homes and the volunteers brought essential necessities such as toilet paper, toiletries, and man-power to help the disaster-stricken community.

“These Volunteers are Absolutely a Blessing to the Community” – Paul Conicella

Residents of Wallalong community were greatly moved and gained hope, as they saw volunteers remove trees and debris caused by the storm with a joyful smile.
Shedding tears, a resident said, “It would have taken us several months to do what was done in a matter of hours with the help of the volunteers from the Church of God.”
Suzie, another local, said, “Everyone was getting tired and felt like they were getting nowhere. Suddenly a sea of yellow-vested volunteers came, lifting up our spirits, giving us hope.”
Paul Conicella, Deputy Captain of the rural Fire Station, expressed appreciation from the bottom of his heart, saying, “These volunteers are absolutely a blessing to the community.”

Through this disaster relief action, the Church of God volunteers were able to share Mother’s love with devastated residents of Wallalong who had been affected by the storm.

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